Doberman Pinscher Club

Of Columbus Ohio

Membership Application

 Individual membership: Annual dues are $20: payable October 1st each year

Application must be accompanied by membership fee

[applications accepted after March 1 shall pay one-half of the year’s dues].

Each applicant for membership shall complete an application and shall agree to abide by the Rules and the Constitution and By-Laws of the DPCCO, the American Kennel Club, and the Doberman Pinscher Club of America. The application shall carry the endorsement of two DPCCO members. While not a membership requirement, it is strongly suggested by the DPCCO that you attend at least two meetings before you apply for membership.  This gives the club members an opportunity to meet you.  It, also, gives you a chance to see what the Club has to offer.




City_______________________________________ State________ Zip___________________

Telephone_____________________________ Other Phone______________________________


Occupation______________________________ Place of employment_________________________________

What areas are you willing to serve the club?  ______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

Years of experience with Dobermans?  _______    Owner _____     Breeder______    Rescue______     Exhibitor _____

Have you bred a litter of Dobermans?  _______  If so, how many? _________

[Please check all that apply]

What are your main interests concerning Doberman Pinschers?  Fancier ____    Breeding ______    Conformation _____

Obedience_____     Agility/Rally_____     Handling _____      Other__________________________________

Have you had experience in competitive dog events?  Exhibiting____  Stewarding_____   Judging _____  Other________

Are you a member of DPCA?______  If so, how long?_______   Are you a member of any other dog related clubs?_____  If yes, please list:  ___________________________________________________________________________

Club endorsee [1] ___________________________________  Club endorsee [2] ________________________________

By this application, I agree to abide and to uphold the Constitution and By-Laws of the Doberman Pinscher Club of Columbus Ohio.


Signature of applicant :________________________________________________________Date:     ___________________


Club use only:  Endorsee verified by Membership Chair:_________

First reading_________________  Second reading______________  Accepted___________




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